Please ensure the application is completed to the fullest possible extent. The Trustees are empowered to make grants of charitable funds only when they are completely satisfied that the application falls within the eligibility criteria.

Whilst the Trustees will always consider eligible applications they are circumspect about buying hardware. The purchase of tools for an applicant who is a plumbing apprentice (for example) is likely to be funded, but items of a wider utility such as laptop computers are funded only when a precise need is established. They are much more willing to consider making contributions to fees (university tuition fees are a good example) or charges (school trips).

There is no limit to the number of times an eligible applicant may seek a grant but it would be most unusual for the Trustees to make more than one in each year.

Your application will be considered by the Trustees at their next meeting, but only if it is received before the deadline date shown below.

Please be aware that the Trustees set great store by the quality of the applications, and you would be wise to note that illegible handwriting, poor grammar and spelling, and lack of clarity may prejudice your chances of a successful application and act upon it accordingly.

The application form requires your consent for the use of personal information which you provide.

The application form above is a fillable PDF form.
For best results, download and open in Adobe Reader.

Alternative versions of the application forms are available here.

The Trustees meet four times a year to allocate grants; in February, May, August and November. For an application to be considered at a meeting a completed application form must have been received by the Clerk by the end of the prior month, that is to say by:

31 January, 30 April, 31 July or 31 October respectively.

NOTICE: If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your applocation, please call the Clerk to the Trustees to confirm receipt of your form.